šŸ”„Burning TimešŸ”„ part 1

Imagine with me a beautiful Spring evening. The smell of ignited charcoal mixed with the sweet aroma of spice rub marinating the air. I was there, just a few years ago, breaking in my brand new BBQ grill with two meaty racks of pork ribs. After preparing everything I put the ribs on the grill and then noticed something… I was running out of time.

In a hurry I left the ribs in the grill and started gathering the other items that needed to be cooked. I put together all of the little things like the small potatoes, drinks, and even the table cloth. People began showing up and in an instant I was distracted. You can probably guess what happened next. I slowly walked outside, heard the roar of the fire inside the grill, and knew immediately that I had completely burned the most important part of the meal. All because I was distracted.

Do you ever get distracted? Do you ever find yourself completely burning the most important things in your life because you were so focused on the other things?

A few weeks later I was confronted with a similar experience, but this time it was at work. I had distracted myself with so many little things that I didn’t finish the most important thing. Then, a day or so later, it happened again. Except this time I was spending so much time on Facebook that I missed a huge opportunity to finish an assignment for school. This happened over and over again until, one day, I had enough. I began estimating all the time I had been burning. Let’s just say it was as embarrassing as the time I burned the Macaroni and Cheese because I was distracted by a TV commercial (true story).

Here’s what I learned from that season of life: The simple act of paying attention to what matters most will keep you from burning your time.

Over the next few blog posts I am going to unpack this statement by going over:

  • How to identify what is most essential in your life.
  • Rethinking self-management v.s. time-management.
  • Learning to say no, even to good things, so you can say yes to the best things.
  • Living out each day with the last day in mind.

Take some time to comment and share. We learn best when we learn with those closest to us.

Click here for part 2 of Burning Time


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