3 Steps to Discovering the Important Things in Life

If everything is important, nothing is important. If we don’t know what is most important in our life, we will fail at doing what matters most with our life. I can’t stress this enough: If you don’t have a plan for your life, then you have planned to fail in your life. No football coach takes their players on the field and says, “I don’t have a plan. Now, go and win!” No writer completes a novel without having first outlined their story. No one should wake up in the morning without a clear understanding of what is most important to win that day.

I wrote a little bit about this already, so let’s recap for a minute: In part one of Burning Time we talked about how the simple act of paying attention to what matters most will keep you from burning your time. We ‘burn time’ when we become distracted on less important things and neglect the most important things. In order to keep ourselves from burning time we need to identify what is most important in our life.

In part two of Burning Time we looked at how people influence what they do with their time. Everyone has time. Few people are moving purposefully with their time. Those are the people whose time is influenced by inspiration. People who influence their time through inspiration donā€™t allow time to burn, because they know what matters to them.

Then I gave you a challenge: Schedule time to get away for a few hours (4-6) to become inspired. That is what this series is about. To help you become successful at identifying what is most important in your life so you can spend time doing those things. Remember: If you don’t have a plan for your life, then you have planned to fail in your life.

This challenges isn’t easy, because, for many people, instead of their time being influenced by what inspires them, their time influences their inspiration. And, guess what? Most people never have time to be inspired. Not you, though. You will make the time to be inspired because you want to be inspired. So, let’s get to work.

During the retreat you will focus on three things: Remembering your past, being real with your present, thinking ‘outside the box’ with your future. I will unpack all of them over the next three weeks, but for now let’s focus on the past.

Remember your past – Take about 20-minutes and write down every key event in your life. Key events are the moments in your past that have shaped you today. Don’t worry about organizing them, we will get to that part. Just list them as they come up in your mind.

Then, take 20-minutes and organize key events with others that have similar life lessons. One column might be ‘leadership,’ because those key events taught you leadership. Another might be ‘trust,’ because each key event formed your ability to be trustworthy. Try to come up with at least three, but not more than five, ‘chapters’ in your life.

Finally, take 20-minutes and write a life lesson for each chapter. What have your past experiences taught you? How have those life lessons matured you over the years? Who has been inspirational in each chapter of your life?

Next, we will cover being real with your present so that we can establish a baseline for future growth.

Take some time to comment and share. We learn best when we learn with those closest to us.




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