I’m a big-thinker who loves new ideas and can become easily board with small details. I have a constant need to create and achieve ‘Big Audacious Goals.’ As a millennial visionary I am passionate about my ‘why’, creative hyperlinking, and goal setting from a ‘30,000-feet’ view of reality. That scares some people, but for me this is the area I thrive in.

If you ever work with me you need to know:
-I abhor routine. This leads me to constantly research new and innovative ways of doing things.
-I adore discussion and debate. For me, collaboration is the key that unlocks evidence based decision making.
-I’m comfortable with ambiguity. My faith guides me into the unknown without fear of losing my identity.
-I take risks. Primarily because my decisions are executed after after having labored over them in prayer and outward focused strategic thinking.
-I trust my own judgement (and use it often). This isn’t pride, it’s emotional intelligence, and the conviction that the Holy Spirit guides us where we need to go.
-I’m only married to my wife, not past decisions. I made a vow to my bride that I will never change, but everything else is sitting right next to a chopping block and some real sharp knives.